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New Pledge Email [Oct. 19th, 2007|10:34 am]
Alpha Xi Sorority


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Alpha Xi Alumni,

Attached you will find the fall 2007 pledge class letter. Since they have written it, Eileen decided to drop pledging so we have two pledges currently. The current sister letter is in the works right now, but I will give you some updates and information until the full letter is sent.
Next week, Oct. 22-26, is Hell week and Hell night will be on Tuesday Oct. 30th. Initiation is tentatively set for my house in Reading on Nov. 2nd. If anyone would like to attend Initiation this year, please let me know so I can give you directions and to keep track of the number of people coming.
We did participate in Light the Night this year on Sept. 29th. Alpha Xi raised 152 dollars, one of the sisters, Noeleen, raised 1000 dollars fundraising on her own, and another sister, Mary, has been and is continuing to raise money for the charity in her free time and at home. Other community service events are being formulated as I type, there is a huge fundraising event being held on Nov. 10th for Alpha Xi (details will be included in the letter). Much more to come in the actual letter, which will be sent out by the middle of next week.
I have been doing a mass overhaul/update of the alumni addresses, phone numbers, and email for the reunion this Spring. The emails that I am sending this to are all the emails I have, so here's where you all come into play. I would like to have as many alumni at the reunion as possible, but I am missing quite a bit of contact information. If all of you could please email me back your address, phone number, and email I would be very grateful. Also, if you know any contact information for any other sister(s) who did not get this email, could you please send me that also.

Thanks a bunch!!

In Love and Sisterhood,
Kaley Fayewicz
Fall Pledge Class 2004

Dear Sisters of Alpha Xi,

We are the Pledge Class of Fall 2007; our manes are Leigh, Erin, and Eileen. We are all different majors, but we are similar in that we want to achieve the pledge goal. The goal is not just getting the title of an Alpha Xi sister; but becoming a strong and participating unit of a family.
We pledge sisters were brought together by fate. It is fate because we consist of two commuters and one campus resident. Also, we all have different majors. Leigh is a Biology Psychology major, Erin is here to get her B.A. in music, and Eileen is a history with secondary education certification major. We are three able and powerful women who believe in speaking truths; sometimes speaking the truth too much. This Pledge Class is open to new ideas and new ways of looking at things, there is no such thing as perfection. However, there is such a thing as the best self, and that is what we are looking forward to during pledging.
In the first paragraph, we introduced ourselves to you, now here’s some information about us. Leigh is a sophomore commuter at Immaculata, her major is Biology Psychology. She works at Admissions giving tours and is a data imputer. One of her ambitions is medical school. She is loyal to her friends and will not turn away from them, especially in their time of need.
The second of three pledge sisters is the youngest of the three, Erin. She is also a commuter like Leigh; however, she is a freshman. Her life revolves around music. In addition to her major being music, she plays two instruments. The first is the viola and the second is her voice; which she uses in her band SugarHi. She hopes that her band will get a recording contract someday. She also strives to have a family, meaning she wants to gain another part of her or another family.
The last of our pledge family is Eileen, a sophomore living on campus. Her goal is to become a high school history teacher. She has a weird sense of humor and more often than not she steps over the boundary line with spelling the truth out. The love of her life is the love of her family. Family, whether biological or otherwise, means the world to her.
No matter what happens we all agree upon three things. First, whether we make it or not, the three of us are a family. Second, we are all thankful for this experience and hope we evolve into our better selves. Lastly, that we create bonds with all of you ladies.


Pledge Class of Fall 2007
Leigh Reynolds
Erin Fox
Eileen Diamond

I got the email from Crystal Potter and Kaley's email address didn't forward.

I can't believe they only have 2 pledges. What is going on over there?

[User Picture]From: musicluver1212
2007-10-20 02:23 am (UTC)
trust me, there's a lot of shit going down. but in regards to pledging, student affairs is scaring the freshmen out of pledging in the fall semester.
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[User Picture]From: ranchangrnl
2007-10-22 03:39 am (UTC)
I heard about that. Popo said that they were pushing for the Freshmen to pledge in the Spring as opposed to the fall. Also there's lots of rules against hazing and stuff. Yeah. It sounded like the school was really trying to crack down and make it difficult to uphold the traditions. :/
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